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Volzhsky Abrasive Works


Now Volzhsky Abrasive Works is ranked as leading in this industrial sector in production of grinding materials and abrasive tool. It is the largest enterprise in the sector on production of silicon carbide black, green and electrotechnical, grit, microgrit, abrasive tool vitrified and bakelite bonded, it has high level of automation, mechanization and computerization.

The principal activity of the company is at the market of abrasive tool, grinding materials and refractory products. Technological production base is fusion and reprocessing of domestic silicon carbide black and green used in abrasive, refractory and metallurgy sectors.

The company is ranked as leading in production of abrasive tool vitrified and bakelite bonded from silicon carbide and is one of the very few owners of production technology of grinding materials from silicon carbide.

In 2008 control packet of shares of JSC «Volzhsky abrasive works» was bought by CUMI International Ltd., subsidiary of CARBORUNDUM UNIVERSAL LTD (CUMI).
CUMI is the part of Murugappa Group founded in the beginning of twenty's century. Scope of activity of Murugappa Group covers production of industrial and bathroom equipment, abrasive materials, fertilizes and organic production. They also provide financial services at Bombay and National Stock Exchange.
The principal activity of CUMI is production of coated and bound abrasives, electrocast refractory, industrial ceramics and electrominerals. Production facilities are in India, Australia, Canada, China, in Middle East countries, in Europe and USA.

Representatives of CUMI were elected in the Board of directors of JSC «Volzhsky abrasive works». In 2008 the Board of directors decided to open a branch office of JSC "Volzhsky Abrasive Works" in Moscow for establishing and developing of international marketing as a part of corporate culture. International marketing will help the company to execute customers' orders with various level of customization. This will allow not only strengthen its position at the market, but enter quite new geographical and goods markets.

For the target implementation in the beginning of 2008 business-plans of the principal activities were developed. They include industry modernization, purchasing of new production equipment, adoption of technological innovation, solving of environmental problems.
Coming of CUMI in JSC «Volzhsky abrasive works» had a favourable effect on the company's development and production output.